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Emergency 9-1-1
Department Information (479) 474-1234, Option 3
Dispatch (479) 474-1234, Option 1
Chief of Police (479) 471-5097
Deputy Chief (479) 471-5097
Captains (479) 471-5097
Criminal Investigation (479) 471-5022
Narcotics (479) 471-5022
Records (479) 471-5022
Property & Evidence (479) 471-1975
Public Information Officer (479) 471-5040


Tickets, Fines & Time Payments

(479) 474-1671
Fax (479) 471-5024
Other Pertinent Offices:
Crawford County Prosecutor's Office

(479) 474-5000

Crawford County Sheriff's Department

(479) 474-2261

Crawford County Detention Center (Jail)

(479) 474-1721


Van Buren Police Department
800 Fayetteville Road
Van Buren, AR  72956

Important 9-1-1 Reminder

  Just as it is important to know when to dial 9-1-1, it is also important to know when not to call 9-1-1.  Never use 9-1-1 to request:

  • Non-Emergency phone numbers for law enforcement, utility companies, or other services that can be obtained by dialing directory assistance.
  • Information of weather or road conditions
  • To report non-emergency criminal activity such as littering, loud music or other activity that does not involve the immediate risk of injury to a person or damage to property.
  • Non-emergency services that do not require the immediate response of emergency personnel
  • To report power outages, which do not create a risk of injury or death.

  When people abuse 9-1-1 with requests for non-emergency services, services and emergency personnel  might be delayed in       responding to someone who does need emergency assistance.  Don't put lives in danger.  Know when to "Make the Right Call."